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Nephilim by 19Rei-Sama
Ich habe mich schon Ewigkeiten nicht mehr gezeigt - jetzt schaue ich mal wieder ab und zu rein.
Hier das neustes Bild!
V.l.n.r.: Eiji, Namid & Nal (belongs to xXWaldnympheXx - ich hab vergessen wie man verlinkt, Shit xD)
New OCs [Pen and Marker Challenge] by 19Rei-Sama
New OCs [Pen and Marker Challenge]
Tagged by :iconjaqie:

Pen & Marker Challenge
> take a pen, start drawing
> NO corrections!
> show your handwriting
> tag friends

I'll tag: :iconxxwaldnymphexx: & :iconlunelapin: & :iconmadandra:


Jo, also Jaqie ich hasse dich immer noch dafür xD Es war zwar irgendwie doch sehr lustig, aber das is ja erst einmal unwichtig xDD

Also, neue OC's. Ich wollte auch einen Sitecut-Typen haben xD Mit tragischer Geschichte, versteht sich - die muss ich mir aber noch ausdenken xD AUF JEDEN FALL KRIEGT ER ERSTMAL N ZWILLING!!
Jo, jetzt wisst ihr's und souw~

Viel Spaß an meine Tagging-Opfer :D

Ich hab übrigens gleich mit Finelinern angefangen - der Bleistift hätte die Farben geschrottet XD

(c) :icon19rei-sama:
Des Waechters Schwert by 19Rei-Sama
Des Waechters Schwert
"The guardians sword"
Only german~

Eigentlich nur ein simples Design, aber es gefällt mir sehr gut. Notizen müssen nicht verstanden werden, das können ohnehin nur Insider ^-^

(c) me!!
Happy Birthday Nymueh by 19Rei-Sama
Happy Birthday Nymueh
It is a (late) birthday present for a cute girl from the forum "Harvest Moon" made by my friend :iconlunelapin:

All characters on this picture belong to Nymueh! (just the bluehead is my own character)


19Rei-Sama's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
1) Tagged by: :iconxxwaldnymphexx:

~ Must post the rules
~ Got to share 10 things about you
~ Got to answer 10 questions from the tagger
~ Choose - people to tag and give them 10 questions
~ No tags back

2) 10 things about me

~ first tag
~ Puzzled at the time - why's Salvain so stupid? (reading a book is kinda ... well ...)
~ It's dark outside - and my feet are cold. Do I smell some pork from the door of my sister?
~ My cat Grizzly (yeah, Grizzly) - well, I think he hates me today. He's watching at me ... like I'm a kind of food ...
~ Wanne have holidays - working with my boss is a hard job.
~ Games I'm playing from time to time: Grandia II, Final Fantasy, Sims, Dragon Age ...
~ Red hair and light green Eyes - my best friend calls me a witch. ... I should be in a dangerous mood when I see him next time.
~ Missing Jess - where are you? Wanne tell you something ...
~ Missing Waldy - poor little Rei is sitting in her Bedroom, waiting until Waldy's back ...
~ It's finished - go looking for another Girl you can stalk.

3) 10 Questions by Waldy for the people she tagged

1) You're tagged! *bamm* Do you like that? Please only do it, if you want =^-^=
~ Well ... I can't say I#m loving this situation. But ... I'm still alive, right?

2) What's your favorite anime song?
~ Kimini Todokeeeeee <3 (Reaching You - I love it)

3) Do you know Noragami?
~ Yeah - kind of "knowing".

4) I'm tired .... you too?
~ Is there a time I'm not tired?

5) What's the colour you're looking at right now?
~ White. It's the colour of the Journal.

6) I hate ... (finish the sentences please)
~ .... bffffffffffff .......... Onions?

7) What time is it right know?
~ 21:51

8) You're actually hearing right now .... ?
~ Calm.

9) Orange, Melon, Banana, Strawberry (choose)
~ Orange *-*

10) What do you like to draw?
~ Wings, Skin, KaixKakusu, OC's, wolves ...

4) My questions for the people I tag

01) You're tagged - right now. Are you ready? /Don't do anything if you don't even want to.
02) Tell my your favorite Manga. Is there a character you like most? And why/not?
03) What's your favorite Artist all over the world? Do you have one?
04) What's your mood at the time?
05) Post the initials of your best friend!
06) Is there an animal you would like to return as in your next life?
07) Strawberry Sunday - Banana Split? Chose!
08) What's the title of the game you're playing these days?
09) Do you have a favourite word? Tell me!
10) So it's finished right now. ... Relieved?

5) People I wanna tag

:iconjessmizukiro: // :iconanniefliesaway: // :iconjaqie: // :iconnoblebutlersebastian: // :iconmadandra:

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